I like to mess around with computers and void warranties since I was 10 years old and now here I am, a computer enthusiast, photographer and a video editor. Currently a student in Information and Technology with a penchant for sharing tech experiences!


A graphics enchancement mod for Grand Theft Auto V PC powered by SweetFX and ENBSeries.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

"How to install"

Extract all files from the archive you downloaded to your GTA 5 directory. It won't replace any files.

"Will this mod trigger an automatic ban on GTA: Online?"

No, it will not get you banned. I've been using SweetFX and ENBSeries since it was first released and I'm still not banned from GTA: Online

"Here's my PC specifications [insert PC specs here], will it work?"

Different computers have different performance. I cannot tell if it will lag on your computer or not. Try it!

"My game is crashing! How do I fix it, please help!!!111!11!!!11!!!!"

Try installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6. It worked for me

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1 Haziq ******** Used (2 Years) Kingston ValueRAM 8GB 1333MHz RM160 Cash on Delivery


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1 Faizal ****** Used (? Years) Canon EOS 350D (Body only) RM110 Cash on Delivery


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1 Arif ***** Used (1 Month) MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX750 Twin Frozr RM420 Cash on Delivery


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1 Jason *** Used (2 Months) Dell S2415H IPS Monitor RM455 Cash on Delivery


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